Men – Are You Ready to Become More Powerful at Work, More Connected at Home, and Happier Inside?

Open Deep and True – Coaches YOU How to Grow Out of Limiting Patterns and Create a Vision for the Fulfilled Life that YOU really Want!

Ways to work with Tom

Private Coaching

If you are ready to dive deeply into transforming your life, I offer customized one-on-one coaching packages to help you move forward.

To explore whether this is right for you, we’ll begin with a simple application and then we’ll talk in a brief, 1-on-1 conversation to explore whether it’s a right fit.

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Men’s Gathering LATE SPRING 2016

Power packed 2 day intensive designed to ratchet up a Man’s

Spirit, Connection, and Inner Happiness

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Virtual Programs

I work with men around the world who are ready to embark on a great adventure — who know there’s a lot more to life than they’ve been led to believe and than they have experienced so far.

The Open Deep and True Basic Course is a four month-long program that takes place virtually, so you can take part from anywhere, so long as you have a phone and computer.

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“Tom has been an amazing facilitator in the art of moving out of our comfort zones. I can tell you from personal experience his groups have been powerful forces to help me overcome the hidden obstacles to be more aware and reach for new experiences. He has a keen ability to understand and glean insights from our meetings that leave you wondering — ” Wow, I never thought of it that way”. To know Tom and be be part of his programs is the first step a man can take breaking out of our isolating, average existence and realize the innate awesomeness we have within.”

– Michael
Logistics Executive
Nairobi, Kenya

“Tom’s experience is a deep dive into the hearts, minds and spirits of ourselves and fellow men in a courageous but secure environment . . . ”

“If you ever felt as though your heart and spirit needed some housekeeping; grab a broom and some courage and head over to Tom’s men’s group . . . you’ll be surprised to find what you are really made of.”

– John
Financial Advisor
Fairfield , CT