Tom Kelley

Are you pre F**K it, F**k it, or post F**K it?

You are averse to change. You avoid risk and take the safe sure-thing.  You don’t try new things or put yourself in “uncomfortable” positions.  Somewhere inside you know there could be more to life, but…. You are pre F**K it. You are done with the same old routine. You are curious. You are willing to ditch what you’ve been doing… Read more →

ODT Powerful Programs for Fall 2014

We are offering three distinct types of programs this fall.  They are unique in their structure to allow for the different ways that men best stretch and grow.  And whether you choose to do the work in nature, virtually or in person; these programs are equally impactful, transformational and intense.   Virtual–    This is the second offering of the ODT-… Read more →

Simple Steps to Overcome SOS – Sudden Overwhelm Syndrome

Do you have a saturation point of input or stimulation, that when reached, renders you WAY less effective? Do you lose your cool in front of coworkers, kids or strangers when too much change is happening at the same time? I call this Sudden Overwhelm Syndrome.  It is common because we all have a threshold where it kicks in. Many clients come… Read more →

How to Keep Your Dignity AND Be More Effective in the Workplace

Do you wish that you had more presence of mind during important conversations? Do you say things that just aren’t true for you in the moment and then have to revisit a conversation to get your point across? Do you find yourself strong-armed into doing tasks that aren’t yours because you couldn’t stand in your strength and say NO? You are… Read more →

Modern Day Rite of Passage

Modern Day Rite of Passage

Last weekend I had the honor of helping facilitate and guide four teenage young men as they completed a solo rite of passage.  We spent Friday to Sunday deep in the woods and up in the mountains.  We slept under angled tarps against the rain and the boys spent a 24 hour period solo and fasting. It was led by… Read more →

Just Say It

Just Say It

 At ODT we coach men in becoming more effective in their lives.  We look to achieve tangible results in specific areas.  One area is in having a tough conversation. The goal is to reach the point where someone else’s reaction to what you say (whether it be a compliment, idea, or concern)  does not dictate either: * your mood *your… Read more →

Valentine's Day Advanced Playbook for Men

Valentine’s Day Advanced Playbook for Men

The Valentine’s Day Basic Playbook for men is available all over social media right now. It focuses mainly on the two big ways to succeed with your partner on this special day: 1. Be a great communicator and 2. cover all the bases The communication part is about asking what she wants, i.e.  Where do you want to go to… Read more →