Simple Steps to Overcome SOS – Sudden Overwhelm Syndrome

Do you have a saturation point of input or stimulation, that when reached, renders you WAY less effective? Do you lose your cool in front of coworkers, kids or strangers when too much change is happening at the same time? I call this Sudden Overwhelm Syndrome.  It is common because we all have a threshold where it kicks in. Many clients come… Read more →

How to Keep Your Dignity AND Be More Effective in the Workplace

Do you wish that you had more presence of mind during important conversations? Do you say things that just aren’t true for you in the moment and then have to revisit a conversation to get your point across? Do you find yourself strong-armed into doing tasks that aren’t yours because you couldn’t stand in your strength and say NO? You are… Read more →

Did Zen win the Super Bowl?

Did Zen win the Super Bowl?

Mindfulness is on the cover of Time Magazine.  There is organic food grown on the grounds of the White House.  Prisoners are doing yoga. Positive Psychology is being taught at Harvard University, and my Dad is advocating being vulnerable enough to talk to someone about what’s bothering you. All of this is very encouraging and seems to be an ever… Read more →