Dynamic New Programs for Men- Enrolling for September

 The Open Deep and True offerings for Fall 2014 are open for enrollment. The first two are tailored just to men and the Earthquest is available to all, in collaboration with Sacred River Healing.

We are offering three distinct types of programs this fall. They are unique in their structure to allow for the different ways that men best stretch and grow.  And whether you choose to do the work in nature, virtually or in person – these programs are equally impactful, transformational and intense.

Virtual – This is the second offering of the ODT- Basic Course, the flagship coaching program first experienced by men last summer and fall.  The Basic Course is online-based so men worldwide can work together utilizing Google Hangouts, conference calls, individual coaching sessions and private online forums to deepen and transform their lives.

– September to December
– 3x group conference calls per month (video or phone)
– 1x individual coaching session per month
– Private membership forum
– Daily Morning Jolt motivational emails
– Continuous email coaching

Click here for more info on the ODT Basic Course

In Person –  ODT- Leaning In.  This is a Men’s Group/Coaching Program available to men in the Rockland County, NY area. This offering combines the best elements of a regular men’s group with the accountability and results-oriented approach of one-on-one coaching.

– September to December
– 2 in-person men’s group meetings per month
– 2 individual coaching sessions per month (in person or online)

In the Woods – Sacred River Healing/ODT – Earth Quest.  A Solo Rite of Passage in the Wild – Earth Quest is an experiential journey carefully guided to help you take your deepest questions to the wellspring of life, Mother Nature.

– September 25-28th, 2014
– 2 group preparatory meetings prior to the journey
– 1 night in base camp
– 2 nights solo time in woods
– 1 integration meeting first week in October

Click here for more info on Earthquests


If one of these programs calls to you and you are ready to go for it this September, click here today to sign up for a coaching conversation to reserve your place.

If you know someone who would be served by any of these programs, please share this email with them.

om Kelley
Open Deep and True