Are you pre F**K it, F**k it, or post F**K it?

You are averse to change. You avoid risk and take the safe sure-thing.  You don’t try new things or put yourself in “uncomfortable” positions.  Somewhere inside you know there could be more to life, but….

You are pre F**K it.

You are done with the same old routine. You are curious. You are willing to ditch what you’ve been doing and try something new. You are charged up to actually “lean in” to the uncomfortable situation to see what it has to offer.

You are at F**K it.

Your life is an adventure.  You take everything that happens as information and training. You serve others because it makes you feel good. You seek out new and uncomfortable situations to add them to your rich experience of life… and feel alive in the process.

You are post F**K it.  And you are consciously circling back to F**k it when you deem it necessary.

Open Deep and True is offering a program this fall specifically designed for men moving into, or are at, the F**K it stage.

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