The Quagmire of Outdated Masculinity: 4 Tools to Re-energize a Stagnant Life

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Tuesday, July 16th at 8pm EST

Our culture abounds with images of the stoic alpha male who always gets what he wants and never doubts himself. But today this “Lone Ranger”-style hero, for all its popularity, is no simple icon of male success. Instead, he’s the image of a kind of manhood that is outdated — and based on false premises that actually keep men stuck.

It’s time to shine a light on the quagmire of outdated masculinity and begin new dialogues on empowered manhood: what that looks like and what tools we need to create it.

In this free 60-minute call, transformational men’s coach Tom Kelley will cover:

  • What exactly “outdated masculinity” is and how to know if you’re stuck in the quagmire
  • The communication and relationship styles that set men up to be dissatisfied
  • Ideas of “masculine success” and how they’re probably irrelevant to what you actually want
  • 4 ways to get clear on where YOU are and re-energize your life, relationships and work

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