The Art of Taking Up and Not Taking Up Space

Have uncovered an interesting concept with my clients lately:

Taking up space in a personal interaction leads to diminished connection and joy.

Taking up space in our life leads to increased connection and fulfillment.

In conversation, whether it’s a sales conversation or a talk with your wife, leaving the space between you open naturally produces better outcomes. ¬†Asking questions and being genuinely interested in what the other is saying and feeling results in:

Comversation* getting more information

* gaining trust

* having new experiences

In life on the other hand, if we don’t consciously choose how to take up the space in our lives, the results are not desirable. Unconscious habits, addictions, TV, web surfing, and may other milder forms of DRIFTING can eat up our morning, day, week, month, year and life.

So lets populate and build our day with things that serve, and allow ample open space in our interactions.  Construct and connect.

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