Valentine’s Day Advanced Playbook for Men

The Valentine’s Day Basic Playbook for men is available all over social media right now.

It focuses mainly on the two big ways to succeed with your partner on this special day:

1. Be a great communicator and

2. cover all the bases

The communication part is about asking what she wants, i.e.  Where do you want to go to dinner?  Do you want to see a play or just stay home?  And then being a good listener and executing on her requests.

Covering all the bases is about checking the four big Valentine’s day boxes:*

1. Flowers

2. Chocolate

3. Dinner

4. Gift

*  I literally had an ex girlfriend give me this list one Valentine’s day years ago.

These tips are good.  They are like the fundamentals of Valentine’s Day.  I know some will say that V-day is a made up holiday and all that.  That is true, but it still exists.  And like everything it is an OPPORTUNITY to love your partner with heart and style.

Which brings us to the Advanced Playbook. I had no idea that this existed until I got into the work of David Deida, who wrote the very powerful book, The Way of The Superior Man.

Deida looks at relationships through the lens of feminine and masculine essence.


“If your woman has a feminine essence, there will be times that she would like to pleasurably relax and let go of being in charge.  She would like to relax in her feminine and let you make the decisions.”

The advanced techniques center around initiative, direction, and presence.

So on Valentine’s day the superior man doesn’t ask questions, he takes the initiative and comes up with a plan. If a man takes the time to come up with a plan so the woman doesn’t have to, she can relax into the evening. For many women this single act can be the best gift they could receive.  The cool thing is having a plan is way more important than what it is.

Once the plan is in place, taking care of all the details and remaining fully present throughout the night follow. If your woman can handle it, keeping her in the dark about what the plan consists of can add surprise and mystery and enhance the experience.

This takes a lot of confidence, but that’s why it’s the advanced playbook.




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