Business Leadership Training

Open Deep and True- Leadership Basic Course

Soulful Leadership from the Heart

Business Leadership image Evokes contribution from a deeper, more heart centered place

Creates revved up, animated workers giving their all from an authentic place

Activates through powerful processes/exercises designed to
find and ignite the more primal motivations

Curriculum centers on the New Expanded “Phenomenon” of Leadership

– Collaboration
– Personal Power (one’s character, ability,and approach)
– Creating extraordinary results
– Holistic, whole system problem solving
– Emotions and Intuition matter as well as logic and facts
– Purpose driven but with a longer view
– Using Compassionate Communication
– Focused on needs of marketplace, community and ecosystem

The workplace has changed. The old rules don’t apply. We are a unique training that addresses the inner world of your employees. Connecting them to their authentic selves, freeing them from limiting beliefs and inspiring them to live life to the fullest. The results happen from that place.

Our Mission: Help companies dramatically increase results through having more authentic, plugged in and fulfilled employees… leading to increased productivity and aliveness in the workplace.


Teacher and facilitator is Tom Kelley. Tom was an Officer in the United States Marine Corps. and has 20+ years experience in Sales and Sales Management. He is currently a Men’s Coach, Workshop facilitator and Compassionate Integration Counselor and brings a heart-centered approach to life and leadership.