What People Are Saying

“Tom’s experience is a deep dive into the hearts, minds and spirits of ourselves and fellow men in a courageous but secure environment . . . ”

“If you ever felt as though your heart and spirit needed some housekeeping; grab a broom and some courage and head over to Tom’s men’s group . . . you’ll be surprised to find what you are really made of.”

– John
Financial Advisor
Fairfield , CT

“I’m grateful to have worked with Tom for about half a dozen sessions because I’ve gained more confidence, presence and inner peace. I met Tom in April of 2016 at the Sword & Scepter (S&S) workshop in northern California. The workshop focused on helping me explore my relationship to power. He was in my small sharing group as we were co-facilitating on staff. After the S&S workshop, I decided to look up his website and explore the coaching he offers. I hired him to work with me to integrate the S&S workshop since Tom had also experienced it with me. I wanted a solid men’s coach to help me navigate some challenges in my work and life relationships. Engaging the sessions, spread out over time, served me well because we were able to get to know each other via teleconference and he was able to get a good sense of me as I expressed my thoughts and feelings about issues important to me. In Tom I found a compassionate, caring, and strong men’s coach who is authentic in walking his talk and continuing his own inner work. It was a combination of my sessions with Tom as well as the inner work I’ve done on myself to this point, as well as grace and opportunity that I was able to make a real breakthrough in a relationship at work that shifted things for me and I emerged with more ownership of my own life, presence, self-love and peace. I now have more ownership of my ability to initiate peacemaking in my relationship. To get to this point, I needed to explore my own inner dynamics. As I move forward, I know I can always reach out to Tom and creatively design a session or sessions to work on anything that I may need to work through in the future. Moving forward, it’s awesome to know that I can reach out anytime.”

– Everardo Pedraza
Marriage and Family Therapy Intern, Certified Integral Therapist (via Dr. Mark Forman), Fresno, California

“A true leader with passion and guidance. If you let Tom take you on a new path, you will not be disappointed. Tom’s guidance cannot be underestimated or overstated. He is both wise and humble. Someone who will challenge what you know and have you find new knowledge at every turn.”

Through Tom’s guidance, I was able to learn the practice of being ‘present’. This practice enabled me to better understand what is ‘real’ and to see what is happening for the moment.  It is with renewed eyes through this practice that I take with me daily.  His guidance and purposeful topics of learning help one lean in to the passions of life. These are but some illustrations where his gifts of giving really shine.

– Scott
Interior Designer
Nyack, NY

“Unfortunately there aren’t as many men in the world like Tom Kelley as are needed.  Tom’s characteristics of intuitiveness, patience, wisdom, self restraint, and sincerity are not in rampant supply in our culture.  Working with Tom, I was able to see patterns in my behavior (and in those in my life), and this self awareness only comes through a transformation from a process that Tom nurtures.  In a comfortable setting I became aware of uncomfortable things, and was able to see issues in an environment of trust and incisiveness.  That is how you make yourself better.  Tom can be instrumental in that metamorphosis.”

– Nick
Sales Manager
Huntington, NY

“Tom has been an amazing facilitator in the art of moving out of our comfort zones.  I can tell you from personal experience his groups have been powerful forces to help me overcome the hidden obstacles to be more aware and reach for new experiences.  He has a keen ability to understand and glean insights from our meetings that leave you wondering  — ” Wow, I never thought of it that way”.  To know Tom and be be part of his programs is the first step a man can take breaking out of our isolating, average existence and realize the innate awesomeness we have within.”

– Michael
Logistics Executive
Nairobi, Kenya

“Tom, you’ve become the integral part to my transformation. In the past few months and weeks and days your guidance and help with perspective have been above and beyond.   As a life coach you’ve helped me reach inner strengths I didn’t believe I could achieve.

For those reading — I lost my job last week do to the company changing course — but Tom gave me the ability to walk out of the layoff meeting, rub my hands together and say.. “alright, let’s see where this situation takes me” with a smile and in an excited, curious, and energized way. It felt more empowering than anything ever had. I’m still riding that high…albeit with a few calls to Tom in the past few days to double check the theory or recharge the energy. 😉

I wish everyone had the opportunity to have a life coach like you when they most need it, or any time, it’s awesome.”

– Tim
Business Owner
Boise, Idaho

“What do you get when you combine a Marine, a highly intuitive and skilled counselor and a savvy about the “real word” guy who’s also a gifted health coach? Tom Kelley. I am deep in the world of healers, counselors, coaches, mentors, etc. And I have yet to meet someone like Tom who is truly a man among men and yet still can be with you about your most intimate challenges in life and inspire you to handle them gracefully and confidently. If you’re looking for a mentor, hire him. You’ll become the person you always knew you could be.”

– Karin Witzig Rozell
Founder, The Wellness Professional Network

“Tom was an incredible facilitator for our organization’s mediation session. Within minutes of taking our first collective breath together, he was able to foster an environment of openness and truthfulness. He gave everyone the space to feel as vulnerable as they were comfortable with, which ensured everyone felt safe sharing their own stories, their own pains, and their own discomforts. Tom was incredibly moving, caring and forgiving. I truly believe our group would not be as strong as it is today without him.”

 – Kamdyn Moore
Rockland United

Endorsement by Coach Michael Taylor