Earth Quests

Earth Quests

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I will be assisting Alan Levin from Sacred River Healing in these amazing journeys.

Alan finds that “It is my experience that these journeys foster our sense of the sacredness of life and clarify our priorities for living creative and fulfilling lives. They benefit not only the individual on the quest, but their families, communities and the planet.”

Drawing from cross-cultural approaches to nature based rites of passage, these quests include group preparation meetings during the month prior to the journey time, solo time fasting in nature, and guided integration of the experience. These are not light weekend workshops, but involve a deep commitment and a willingness to face the sometimes uncomfortable journey towards one’s deepest truths. They have the potential to foster healing, vision, and empowerment. They inevitably strengthen us in bringing meaning and awareness of the sacred into all aspects of life.

A Solo Rite of Passage in the Wild


Sacred River Healing will again be offering Earth Quests, experiential journeys carefully guided to help you take your deepest questions to the wellspring of life, Mother Nature.

At certain points in our lives, we need to step away from all our human relationships and enter the sacred space within for guidance. In traditional societies this was always done in nature and was often described as “going to the mountain.” While the core of such an experience is done in solitude, the preparation and integration is done with group or community awareness and facilitated by guides who have made the journey.


The process of an Earth Quest involves two group preparatory meetings during the month prior to the journey and one integration meeting afterwards. The journey will involve one night in base camp and two nights solo time. During the preparation period we focus on physical logistics and safety as well as emotional, mental and spiritual issues.

The solo-time experience offers an opportunity to explore the deepest questions that you have about yourself and your relationship to the world around you: “Who am I?” “What am I doing here?” In the way of ancient rites of passage, we enter into the inner and outer landscape of Nature for guidance and healing. Each individual brings his or her own intentions to this process which may address:

Healing past traumas or wounds

Marking life transitions

Envisioning direction for the future


The next scheduled Earth Quest is for adult men and women and will be September 25 – 28, 2014. If you are interested in this or a future Earth Quest, please contact Alan Levin at 845 558 7692 or if you have any questions contact me at 917 279 4112 or

The exact times and dates of the preparation meetings and integration meeting will be determined as participants register. Cost is $590.