Did Zen win the Super Bowl?

football zenMindfulness is on the cover of Time Magazine.  There is organic food grown on the grounds of the White House.  Prisoners are doing yoga. Positive Psychology is being taught at Harvard University, and my Dad is advocating being vulnerable enough to talk to someone about what’s bothering you.

All of this is very encouraging and seems to be an ever more rapid shifting out of the old ways of being.

Which brings us to the title of this blog post.

Sunday, I was invited to a Super Bowl party and watched the Seattle Seahawks play one of the most completely masterful games I have ever seen..In the Super Bowl (which is supposed to be the most nerve-racking stage)…in the New York City  area (which is supposed to be the most intense city).

The Seahawks were loose and relaxed before the game.  The Broncos were tight.

The Seahawks were composed. The Broncos became unhinged and made all kinds of mental mistakes.

What was predicted to be a very close contest was not.  Instead it was a complete validation of whatever the Seattle Seahawks did to prepare for it.

Fast forward to Monday morning when I came across this article on ESPN:   seattle-seahawks-use-unusual-techniques-practice-espn-magazine

The article goes into great detail about Seattle Coach Pete Carroll’s system.  The Seahawks meditate, take yoga classes, eat organic food (even humanely treated chickens raised just for the team…no really!).  They practice visualizations, positive thinking, and they do sleep studies to maximize energy levels. All great stuff. But perhaps the most advanced and “unusual technique” they use is this:  They treat each other as human beings. The traditional yelling and humiliation as a motivational device, part of the old school football mentality, are not welcome at their facilities.  They have counselors on staff to talk to the men about challenges they are having in their lives.  Vulnerability is encouraged, not crushed or hidden.

Sunday’s score: Seattle 43 – Denver 8

This emphatic statement made in this masterful football performance carries the lesson that these “unusual techniques” are not just used for inner peace, health and to reach enlightenment….. they can be practiced for the purpose of being more EFFECTIVE and POWERFUL in the world.



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